In retweet of Yonhap report, Trump accuses Bolton of breaking law

In retweet of Yonhap report, Trump accuses Bolton of breaking law

In retweet of Yonhap report, Trump accuses Bolton of breaking law

"The way they mishandled the impeachment inquiry gives me pause, I have to say - especially in light of the circumstances and things that President Trump has done to prevent the book itself from being from being published".

"For reasons that hardly need to be stated, the Court will not order a nationwide seizure and destruction of a political memoir", Lamberth said in his ruling.

"The truth is he was such a hard person and leaked so much information, even while he was still in office, that it was often the case that he wasn't a participant in the meetings because we all had come to see that there was a real risk that this information would end up in places it shouldn't have", the country's top diplomat said.

Mr Bolton, describing a conversation with Mike Pompeo, wrote in his memoir that the current secretary of state "thought Mulvaney would do essentially whatever Ivanka [Trump] and [Jared] Kushner wanted him to do" as acting chief of staff, "which anxious both of us philosophically". "But he wanted to have a big blockbuster book and make millions on it".

Bolton, meanwhile, has repeatedly disputed that his book contains any classified information following multiple revisions over the course of a months-long review by the National Security Council. And had he testified, it would have sort of undercut his ability to have a best-selling book for six months later because all the secrets would've been out.

The Room Where it Happened is Bolton's portrait of 17 months up close with Trump until he was sacked last September.

Notably, several excerpts of the book have already made their way online, which Lamberth acknowledged, and the book is a number one seller on Amazon.

Trump called Bolton's actions "treasonous" in a Fox News interview, saying "he should go to jail for that for many, many years". American academics and law experts have explained why the White House and the GOP have failed to stop the release of the book given that their candidate's re-election bid is at stake.

This is "not the type of person who works well with Donald Trump, who is a small businessman who has done extraordinarily well", Mr Mulvaney said, adding that there are others in the administration who know the President can be successful and do not complain about him.

"The president isn't anxious about foreign governments reading this book", Bolton said.

Mr. Bolton was asked about the firing of Geoffrey Berman, the USA attorney for the Southern District of NY whose office was investigating some of the president's associates.

In the run-up to the second summit in Hanoi in February 2019, Bolton showed Trump footage of former President Ronald Reagan discussing his 1986 summit with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, hoping the president would glean lessons from past examples.

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