Multiple Toronto Blue Jays test positive for novel coronavirus

Multiple Toronto Blue Jays test positive for novel coronavirus

Multiple Toronto Blue Jays test positive for novel coronavirus

But the official said the government had not received a proposal from Major League Baseball.

The source confirmed the news on condition of anonymity because the team has not officially announced the positive cases.

On Tuesday, MLB issued a 60-game schedule beginning July 23 and 24 in empty ballparks as the league tries to push forward amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

But there was no announcement of the calendar.

Maddison added that the province of Ontario's health authorities must also approve the restart plan, according to Gillies.

Canada has waived the 14-day quarantine for Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto being a potential National Hockey League hub city, agreeing to a cohort quarantine where teams stay in an essential bubble during the Stanley Cup tournament. -Canada border remains closed to nonessential travel until at least July 21.

There has been talk the Blue Jays could play at their training facility in Dunedin, Florida, but the facility was shuttered after one player showed possible COVID-19 symptoms.

Florida reported 5,508 new cases of the virus overnight into Wednesday morning, shattering the previous one day record of 4,049 from Saturday.

There are plenty of logistical issues to sort out before starting the Major League Baseball season, but few teams have more to figure out than the Toronto Blue Jays.

"The location of the regular season is still a work in progress".

When the Jays players do report to spring training, they will spend two days in staggered testing before taking the field.

"The resumption of activities in Canada must be undertaken in adherence to Canada's plan to mitigate the importation and spread of Covid-19", said Anna Maddison, spokesman for the Public Health Agency of Canada, to the Associated Press.

"The players have to come together and pose no risk to themselves or the surrounding population", Tam said. "Everything has to be checked".

It's not known yet how the multiple tests will affect the team's plans for spring training. "All that has to be evaluated in real time as well and the local health authorities have to be comfortable". Thus, nine teams would need to travel from the United States to Canada for road games, as would the Blue Jays returning home from road trips.

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