Judge rejects Trump family’s effort to halt niece’s tell-all book

Judge rejects Trump family’s effort to halt niece’s tell-all book

Judge rejects Trump family’s effort to halt niece’s tell-all book

It's also likely to shed some interesting light on one of the more embarrassing revelations surrounding the president: the New York Times reported that Mary Trump's book is expected to say she was "a chief source" for the newspaper's coverage of the president's finances, "and that she provided the newspaper with confidential tax documents".

The book, "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man", is set to be released on July 28.

Robert Trump, who is Mary Trump's uncle, could refile elsewhere, but her attorney, Ted Boutrous, said he hoped that the matter would be put to rest and that the book would be allowed to be published next month.

The Trump clan insists that their niece's book violates a non-disclosure agreement that came about after Mary Trump and her brother settled a lawsuit related to their inheritance or relative lack thereof. A tech-focused civil liberties group on Tuesday, June 2, 2020, sued to block President Donald Trump's executive order that seeks to regulate social media, saying it violates the First Amendment and chills speech.

A representative for Simon & Schuster said in a statement that the company was "delighted" with the court's Thursday decision.

So, why did Mary sign an NDA?

Robert Trump said in a statement that he was "deeply disappointed" in his niece's decision.

"She's not allowed to write a book", Trump told Axios' Jonathan Swan this week, referring to Mary Trump, the daughter of Fred Trump Jr., the president's deceased oldest brother. "1999-3949-A-002.pdf" target="_blank">court's ruling, "Robert claims such publication [of the book] would be violative of the terms of a nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement contained in a stipulation of [a] settlement signed by Robert, his siblings Donald and Mary, as well as the respondent and her brother Fred". The agreement included a confidentially clause saying they would maybe not "publish any account in regards to the litigation or their relationship", unless agreed upon by all parties.

The book trouble is not something that the US President Donald Trump will be short of any time soon, as after his former National Security Adviser (NSA), it is his niece whose tell-all book has gotten a green signal from the court.

Charles Tougher, the lawyer representing Robert Trump and who also represents the President, claimed his client will continue to pursue lawful action.

In fact, we're far more likely to see another example of the "Streisand Effect", with the litigating generating greater attention for the book the president apparently doesn't want the public to see.

The agreement related to the will of Donald Trump's father, NY real estate developer Fred Trump.

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