European Union delays decision on external border reopening

European Union delays decision on external border reopening

European Union delays decision on external border reopening

Restrictions for travel within the European Union and with Schengen countries had already been lifted on June 15, but now citizens from 14 more countries around the world have been labelled safe to be let in.

The EU's decision came on Tuesday, a day after Arizona Governor Doug Ducey issued an order to close bars, gyms, movie theatres and water parks, and officials in Republican and Democratic strongholds alike mandated the wearing of masks.

The other third countries where restrictions were lifted include Algeria, Georgia, Montenegro, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

The European Union has agreed to keep the US off an initial "safe list" of 14 countries from which it will allow non-essential travel starting in July, according to the European Council.

The restrictions are non legally binding on member countries, however, and the list will be reviewed every two weeks.

The restrictions are to be gradually lifted starting July 1, as the infection rate recedes - at least in Europe - and some countries hoped for close European Union coordination.

USA neighbour Canada as well as Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Uruguay were included without conditions on the list which was drawn up by diplomats on Friday, but required final approval.

The EU is also planning to allow entry to citizens from China, but on the condition that a reciprocal agreement is reached.

However, the health-based criteria collided with national interests and geopolitics, with some countries reluctant to collectively ban the USA while welcoming visitors from China, where the pandemic began.

Despite the fact that Ukraine is not included in the list of countries which citizens are allowed to freely cross the European Union border, Ukraine is not included in the red list of countries with citizens who denied entry.

While the Government of Canada is still recommending against all non-essential worldwide travel, Canadians will be able to take vacations to Europe as soon as the "safe list" has been officially confirmed.

Neither. According to the European Commission, UK nationals are still to be treated in the same way as EU citizens until the end of the Brexit transition period (31.12.2020).

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