The full-length trailer for Far Cry 6 has been leaked online

The full-length trailer for Far Cry 6 has been leaked online

The full-length trailer for Far Cry 6 has been leaked online

Ubisoft has now confirmed the existence of the game, giving us our first proper look at Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito who appears to play the game's villain, Anton. A listing for the next numbered entry in the Far Cry series unveiled a host of information on Hong Kong's PSN store. In Far Cry 6 players will reportedly take control of freedom fighter Dani Rojas, a Yaran local looking to liberate his home and potentially remove all of the Los Pollos Hermanos pop-up stores. Their ruthless oppression has ignited a revolution.

Unfortunately, the Far Cry 6 PS5 price and Far Cry 6 PS4 price has not been revealed by Ubisoft.

The Far Cry franchise has been very busy these days, and according to the latest leak, the next game in the franchise is only a few months away.

Ubisoft teased fans with Far Cry 6's teaser ahead of its launch on July 13 (12:30 IST). Giancarlo Esposito has been rumoured to be attached to the next Far Cry game, and earlier reports stated that the next installment would be presented in the company's own showcase.

In Far Cry 6, we'll be returning to a tropical setting, this time, the island of Yara.

Still, Ubisoft has taken the hit pretty well, choosing to respond to the leak by uploading a sneak peek of Esposito in action on Twitter, with the caption: "Anton would not be pleased". There was also a helpful bit of good news found within the leaks which revealed that the game will be eligible for a free upgrade to PlayStation 5.

Ubisoft had no choice but to confirm the news dropping a teaser from the game featuring Esposito's character from the forthcoming game. It will supposedly be released on February 18, 2021. In addition, the description claims that Far Cry 6 will offer the "most extensive playground" of any Far Cry title to date. "This Digital Far Cry 6 PlayStation 4 game gives access to the corresponding Far Cry 6 PlayStation 5 digital version at no additional cost, when available", the English version of the captured listing reads.

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