New Zealand deputy PM offers to help Australia with Covid-19 outbreak

New Zealand deputy PM offers to help Australia with Covid-19 outbreak

New Zealand deputy PM offers to help Australia with Covid-19 outbreak

Victoria has announced 428 new cases of Covid-19 on Friday, a new record tally the day after the state recorded 317 new cases. Victoria, which has forced almost 5 million people in the country's second most populous state into a partial lockdown for more than a week, said it has found 428 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours.

Speaking yesterday, Andrews said it was still too early to determine the impact of those lockdowns on new case numbers.

"You can continue to move forward in the way that NSW is demonstrating by building that capability for tracing, for testing and that's been quite effective in this case, and hopefully we will see that situation continue to improve", the PM said.

"I do hope you get on top of things in Melbourne".

"Where they have border controls in place and where they've had no community transmissions for sustained periods of time that may be a different scenario".

There are 122 people in hospital and 31 in intensive care.

Victoria also confirmed two deaths, taking the state's toll to 29 and the national fatality count to 113.

"It's a big number".

Further to that, Victoria's own chief medical officer said on Monday it was "conceivable absolutely" that every case in the state could be linked to the hotel quarantine bungle. "It's upon all of us to be able to turn this number around".

"Worse than that, 428 cases is not just represent that we have increasing numbers day on day, there will be dozens of individuals who will require hospitalisation from these 428 people". "But we can not be complacent and expect that's going to happen automatically".

Meanwhile, health officials in New South Wales say a man from Melbourne is "likely" responsible for spreading the virus in southwest Sydney. It normally takes up to 14 days for coronavirus to start showing effects on the body.

Of the new cases, 57 are linked to known outbreaks and 370 are under investigation.

The state's Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said several of the cases had developed their Covid-19 symptoms incredibly fast.

"We will pause all category three surgery across our hospital system, and our hospitals that were reaching a close to 90 percent of normal activity will now pause at 75 percent, so this is for all Metropolitan public hospitals", she said.

"It gives you very little time for the contact tracers, because you've got to get your cases diagnosed and then you've got to lock down those contacts", Chant said.

The Victorian government is under pressure to find a way of controlling the spread of COVID-19 in aged care homes and hospitals in the greater Melbourne region in Australia's south.

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