Adobe taps former Pixel exec to build a universal camera app

Adobe taps former Pixel exec to build a universal camera app

Adobe taps former Pixel exec to build a universal camera app

They could be planning to make that app better, as users are now reporting awful capture detail and overall camera performance.

Some owners of Google's Pixel 4 XL are reporting a defect that causes the glass back of the phone to peel off.

What "universal" means is that nearly anyone with a smartphone could take advantage of Adobe's app.

An email sent out by Adobe says Levoy will be working on computer photography initiatives and, notably, his efforts will " focus on the concept of a universal camera app".

As reported in a tweet by David Imel of Android Authority, Levoy has joined Adobe as a Vice President and Fellow to work on computational photography projects, including the existing Photoshop Camera app as well as a new "Universal Adobe Camera App". At Google, Levoy worked on the camera used in the original Google Glass, before parlaying that work into developing the software and processing used in Google's Pixel phones. Just a camera on the Pixel was good enough to compete with the likes of the Apple iPhones and other top-of-the-line smartphones out there.

For now, Adobe's giving little details on the project, but we have little doubt that we will be hearing more about it in the future.

That said, one of the big hurdles to creating a universal camera app is that numerous features and APIs used in things like the Pixel camera app or the iPhone camera app aren't readily available to third-party developers.

It's not immediately clear what this means - The Verge suggested it could refer to an app platform that companies like Facebook or Snapchat could leverage to make their camera apps.

Adobe now gives a digital camera app in Photoshop Digital camera, and there is just one designed into the Adobe Lightroom application, as well, but probably Adobe has a grander vision for its camera apps. Adobe is definitely the kind of player you'd want to follow if you're passionate about photography. The executive described the system as "computational photography mad science". "In this role, he will work closely with the Photoshop Camera, Adobe Research, Sensei and Digital Imaging teams". But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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