Biden to unveil caregiving proposal aimed at boosting USA economy

Biden to unveil caregiving proposal aimed at boosting USA economy

Biden to unveil caregiving proposal aimed at boosting USA economy

The strategy, which Biden will information at a project occasion in New Castle, Delaware, looks for to make child care more low-cost and available for households and to make it simpler for aging family members and enjoyed ones with specials needs to get house or community-based care.

His plan would cost $775 billion over a decade and be paid for by rolling back tax breaks for real estate investors and tightening enforcement of the existing US tax code.

Biden's plan for long-term care would provide more funding to states to help end the wait list for home and community services under Medicaid, while also putting an emphasis on recruiting and training new health professionals, creating 150,000 new community health positions, and establishing new long term care options, according to advisers.

The plan offers $8,000 in tax credits for most families with one child and $16,000 for those with two or more children.

It's the third plank of the "build back better" economic platform the former vice president is rolling out in advance of next month's Democratic National Convention. Partial credits are also available for families in higher tax brackets.

"The pandemic has laid bare just how hard it is for people in this country to find access to quality caregiving they need for themselves, or to juggle the responsibilities of working and also caring for family members", Mr. Biden campaign's wrote in a 10-page announcement of the plan.

Biden's plan also covers early childhood education. Those earning too much to qualify for the full credit, but less than $400,000 per year, would receive partial credits.

"A Biden administration will move the nation forward on numerous issues we care about", the letter also said, citing racial justice, affordable healthcare, climate change, and immigration. Families earning up to 1.5 times their state's median income could instead have their child care subsidized so that they are paying no more than 7% of their income.

Ultimately, the plan would seek to create 3 million jobs in the healthcare and education sectors, while bolstering the workforce overall by 5 million by allowing people who were taking care of children or relatives to rejoin the labor force.

As part of his program to restore the coronavirus-battered US economy, Democratic governmental prospect Joe Biden will unveil a sweeping kid- and eldercare intend on Tuesday developed to assistance having a hard time Americans return to the labor force.

Both with this newest plan and the one before it, Biden's efforts are part of a larger attempt to take advantage of current events to shift the campaign focus to the economy, arguably one of President Trump's strongest arguments for re-election.

"President Trump has failed to effectively respond to the caregiving crisis for months, while exacerbating it by letting the virus continue to spread", the document says.

"It's an enormous economic weight on the parents who have really an impossible choice to make: Care for their children, or go to work to earn a paycheck".

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