Trump To Resume Televised COVID-19 Briefings

Trump To Resume Televised COVID-19 Briefings

Trump To Resume Televised COVID-19 Briefings

'I think the president should be doing that, ' she said, adding that her opinion was different from other White House staff.

Where's your patriotism, Mr. Prez? Trump has previously downplayed the importance of wearing masks and has only worn one a handful of times in public during the four-plus months of the pandemic.

Of course, he claims he doesn't need it because he's tested for COVID-19 regularly, but sure seems odd the Prez forgot his mask - while in mixed company - right after his "Patriotic" mask declaration.

But McEnany suggested Trump would not wear a mask in the briefing room, saying that he is the "most tested man in America" for the virus - sometimes tested a couple of times a day. The president also gave risky advice to the American people, including pushing a potentially unsafe drug that had not been tested as a means to treat COVID-19, as well as suggesting the ingestion of disinfectants ought to be given serious consideration.

The decision to resume the White House briefings comes less than a week after Trump announced a campaign shakeup in which he replaced his campaign manager. "And we have been executing extremely well, and I believed it would be form of, automated and a great deal of good items were occurring and frankly, a large amount of the region is carrying out very well", he mentioned.

Trump himself appeared to mock Joe Biden, his main Democratic rival for the presidential election, earlier this year for wearing a face mask.

On Monday, Trump tweeted a photo showing himself wearing a black face mask during his visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center outside Washington D.C. where he met wounded soldiers and health care workers. "I was down at the White House just this afternoon".

France and the United Kingdom have both made wearing face coverings on public transport and other public spaces mandatory.

The American Civil Liberties Union said it would challenge Trump's order in court.

The first time Trump wore a face mask outside the White House, and only briefly and in front of a few persons, was when he visited the Ford Motor Company plant in MI in May. Wearing a mask, the advisers suggested, was an easy step that's well-received by the vast majority of Americans.

Until Tuesday, the most likely use for the data had seemed to be for states who wanted to do redistricting - i.e. the process of drawing the legislative maps - using data that excluded non-citizens.

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