TikTok Under Scrutiny in Australia Over Security, Data Concerns

TikTok Under Scrutiny in Australia Over Security, Data Concerns

TikTok Under Scrutiny in Australia Over Security, Data Concerns

"The suggestion that we are in any way under the Chinese government's thumb is completely and utterly false", said Bertram via BBC News.

"TikTok is a company incorporated in the U.S. There is zero truth to the accusations that the Chinese state has access to TikTok users' data", he added.

TikTok has come under scrutiny in Australia, as the Chinese-owned social media platform is being investigated for any risks it may pose to users from potential foreign interference and data privacy issues, government sources told Reuters. The announcement comes after lawmakers and Trump administration officials have questioned the company's data collection methods and threatened to ban TikTok. A White House source was quoted as saying by Reuters that it expects TikTok to separate itself from its Chinese owner and operate as a U.S. company.

"We have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure app experience for our users".

Basically, the U.S. wants to ban TikTok and may only allow it in one case if it splits from China and becomes an American company.

This could be particularly sensitive as some users copy and paste passwords for different services.

A news app called Toutiao was taken offline for 24 hours in 2017, according to the South China Morning Post, after the Beijing Internet Information Office said it had been spreading "pornographic and vulgar content".

Having said that, like with Huawei, the arguments towards TikTok appear to be dependent all over the theoretical possibility of the Chinese govt persuasive ByteDance beneath regional legislation to hand in excess of info on overseas users.

TikTok blasted Facebook for running the Trump campaign's ad, saying that the social networking giant is "taking money for a political ad that attacks a competitor just as it's preparing to launch a TikTok copycat". "This is sad." The company noted that it was not only TikTok that had been accessing clipboards.

In point of fact, although it was not immediately clear the other locations the Chinese small video sharing app had been targeting, however, the company had hired aggressively in the United States this year including the poaching of former Walt Disney Co.

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