United Nations rights body urges USA to rein in police at protests

United Nations rights body urges USA to rein in police at protests

United Nations rights body urges USA to rein in police at protests

Earlier in the day, during a hearing on the order, Simon said he was inclined to side with the plaintiffs, pointing to recent news reports of federal officers infringing on the rights of protesters: Chris David, a Navy veteran who was beaten with batons by federal officers as he tried to speak with them, and Donavan La Bella, who was shot in the head with an impact munition while holding a speaker above his head.

Southeast Portland native Owen Lingley, unhappy with how federal officers in Portland are treating local protesters, has set up a moving billboard to show them and the entire Department of Homeland Security how he feels.

Demonstrators took over the the several block area for about two weeks until authorities returned in force and cleared out the area on July 1 after two fatal shootings.

President Trump in response sent in federal agents early this month, despite outcry from Democratic leaders in Oregon.

The lawsuit specifically asked the judge to require federal officers to identify themselves and their agency before detaining any protesters, explain the basis for making any detentions or arrests and not arrest individuals without a warrant or probable cause. It is a transparent attempt to intimidate.

The protests have taken place for almost two months amid nationwide unrest in response to the police killing of an African American man - George Floyd - at the hands of white police officers n Minneapolis in May. That lawsuit accuses federal law enforcement agents of assaulting and intimidating journalists and legal observers, and suppressing them from reporting on the events amid the Portland protests and riots.

Gabriel said of the 60 people arrested or detained, the US attorney's office has pending criminal prosecutions against 46 of them.

(Woman yelling at federal agents): "You're not protecting anybody".

She sought a temporary restraining order to "immediately stop federal authorities from unlawfully detaining Oregonians".

Rosenblum said the ramifications of the ruling were "extremely troubling".

Officers from the ATF, FBI, U.S. Marshals Service and Drug Enforcement Administration are working alongside local and state police as part of the Trump administration's plan, the Department of Justice said.

OR lost a fight with the Trump administration over federal agents' detention of anti-racism protesters in Portland, as the president takes on Democratic-run states and cities in the run-up to the election. And on July 16, an unmarked minivan with undercover federal agents "wearing generic green military fatigues" grabbed a man off the sidewalk and detained him at the federal courthouse.

Inslee was referring to Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

City council members accused Wheeler of not reining in police who used tear gas multiple times on protesters before federal agents arrived.

In the lawsuit, OR had asked the judge to immediately command agents from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Protective Service and the Marshals Service to stop detaining protesters without probable cause, to identify themselves before arresting anyone and to explain why an arrest is taking place.

Wheeler's appearance in the protest zone came hours after state attorneys for OR urged another judge to issue a restraining order against the federal agents. Another faces an arson charge.

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