Hezbollah fighters battle Israeli troops on northern frontier

Hezbollah fighters battle Israeli troops on northern frontier

Hezbollah fighters battle Israeli troops on northern frontier

Israeli forces on Monday said they exchanged fire with Hezbollah fighters along the country's volatile northern border with Lebanon in the heaviest fighting between the bitter enemies in almost a year. Hezbollah denied the clash took place, calling it "absolutely false".

Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, told a news conference on Thursday evening, July 23, in Jerusalem that in its confrontation with Iran, Israel was pursuing three goals consistently; Nuclear program, long-range missiles, and Iran's military presence in Syria.

Mr Netanyahu, in a televised address, said he took a "grave view of this attempt to infiltrate our territory".

"Hezbollah needs to know that it is playing with fire".

"Nasrallah has already made a big mistake in testing Israel's determination to defend itself, and the Lebanese state has paid a heavy price for this".

It added that it held the Lebanese government responsible for all actions emanating from Lebanon, without referring to Hezbollah.

This comes as tensions along both the Syrian and Lebanese border have increased this week.

Regarding the attack in Syria, the IDF issued the following statement: "IDF attack helicopters struck targets of the Syrian Army in southern Syria in response to the fire carried out earlier toward the Golan Heights".

Hezbollah has vowed to respond to the killing of one of its members in an air strike believed to have been launched by Israel, on a site near the Syrian capital, Damascus.

There was no immediate statement by Hezbollah. Such pressure makes it unlikely the militant group would risk launching a wide attack that could trigger massive Israeli retaliation and increase pressure on the economy. "The Zionists have only to wait for their crimes to be punished".

He said said Israel did not consider the incident to be over, and that its troops remained on "heightened vigilance".

Last week, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, Commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), said Hezbollah would be mistaken to try and take on Israel in a military conflict during a special briefing in Dubai.

As part of its preparations, the IDF installed roadblocks along several highways near the border to prevent anti-tank missiles fired from either Lebanon or Syria.

"I do not suggest our enemies to test us", Gantz said in a statement.

A witness in Lebanon counted dozens of Israeli shells hitting the Shebaa Farms area, landing near an Israeli position.

"Following the security incident in the Mount Dov area. residents are asked to stay in their houses". After an hour, the IDF removed these restrictions, permitting civilians in northern Israel to move about the area freely.

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