Nintendo Gigaleak Reveals 'Controversial' Never Before Seen Classic Games

Nintendo Gigaleak Reveals 'Controversial' Never Before Seen Classic Games

Nintendo Gigaleak Reveals 'Controversial' Never Before Seen Classic Games

It's been 25 years since Super Mario 64 was released, and a recent leak - which is now being referred to as the "gigaleak" by players -has finally given us our first look at Luigi, as players have managed to use the leaked source code in order to put together a model of the beloved character.

X Rocker says that its chairs offer "an exciting and colorful selection" of your favorite Super Mario characters as part of its new gaming chair range. MrCheeze claims the running theory is that everything comes through the same particular violation of knowledge, but we don't know for sure.

It is hard to track the sheer amount of knowledge flowing out of the appropriately called "Gigaleak".

There are also a number of never-before-seen characters, like a Yoshi with a mustache.

This isn't really the initial time we have heard that Luigi was going to be playable in Super Mario 64, as Shigeru Miyamoto experienced formerly stated that Nintendo was planning on including him in a "Mario Bros. design minigame, but since most consumers possibly only have that 1 controller when they first buy their N64, for that reason (and other individuals) we determined not to".

Folks are unearthing high-quality screenshots and assets that show classic games in more detail than we've ever seen before.

ALSO READ: [VIDEO] A.I. Can Now Play All 57 Atari Games. It seems likely that someone, at some point, broke the law - this is all proprietary information, after all. Then one day you sign in, and all your janky sketches and suggestions are put on the internet. That'd suck, yeah-losing control of your own job?

Pushing this further into a morally dubious area is that the Gigaleak apparently contains personal information, including a diary and calendar, along with private conversations between developers. For example, one file tells of a painful childhood trauma involving Mr. Potato Head. A couple of game developers and commentators fear that the video game industry will become more secretive than it already is to avoid leaks like this in the future.

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