Updated COVID-19 Data from Minnesota

Updated COVID-19 Data from Minnesota

Updated COVID-19 Data from Minnesota

Currently, Niagara has 62 active cases and six outbreaks of COVID-19.

In March, students in B.C. didn't return to class after spring break because of the COVID-19 pandemic and classes were instead held virtually.

Reported COVID-19 cases roughly tripled in Sacramento County during the past four weeks, and several densely populated, economically disadvantaged areas were among the hardest hit, county data show. Total hospitalizations are down from the all-time high of 2,232 patients hospitalized on July 20, but up from 2,017 on Monday.

Multnomah County continues to pile up big numbers with 119 new cases through the weekend - matching Douglas County's total since the beginning of the pandemic - and now has 4,039 total cases. The state's latest rate of 187 tests per 10,000 people is well above its goal of 100. Washington is nearing 1 million people tested with a 5.7 percent positivity rate.

There have been 170 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the province.

Ahead of the education ministry's announcement, West Vancouver history teacher Jessica Selzer told CTV News Vancouver that she's concerned for her health and her mother's health.

HARDIN COUNTY. Six new cases were reported Tuesday in Hardin County by the district health department, bringing the county's total to 473 cases. According to the province, that will reduce the number of people each student or staff member will come into contact with, reducing the risk of transmission and ensuring quicker contact tracing by health authorities. Minnesota is likely to yo-yo back on that travel restriction list when it is announced Tuesday, after having been removed from it a week ago.

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