Fauci confident virus vaccine will get to Americans in 2021

Fauci confident virus vaccine will get to Americans in 2021

Fauci confident virus vaccine will get to Americans in 2021

Carlson credited Jordan for the exchange and said, "There is nothing Dr. Anthony Fauci won't opine on as long as it doesn't offend the popular and fashionable left".

When Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., asked if vaccine development has been rushed or compromised, Fauci said no safety steps have been eliminated in the approval process. "You made comments on dating, baseball, and everything you can imagine".

Instead, he reiterated, "Any crowd, whether it's a protest, any crowd when you have people close together without masks is a risk". Jordan compared such a move to closing houses of worship and businesses during shutdowns and suggested Fauci unequally judged certain activities over others as worthy of government intervention.

"Now Dr. Fauci", the chairman intoned, "do you agree with the president's statement, or do you stand by your previous answer that the difference is caused by multiple factors including the fact that some states did not do a good job of reopening?" "And I don't judge one crowd versus another crowd".

"I haven't seen people during a church service go out and harm police officers or burn buildings, but we know that for 63 days, nine weeks, it's been happening in Portland", Jordan said of nationwide protests.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday that he remains confident that a coronavirus vaccine will be ready by early next year, telling lawmakers that a quarter-million Americans already have volunteered to take part in clinical trials.

Jordan, one of Trump's most stalwart allies in Congress, has also been a Fauci critic.

"So you're allowed to protest - millions of people on one day, in crowds, yelling, screaming - but you try to run your business, you get arrested?" "I do think it's really important to realize it's not public health versus the economy about school opening, it's public health versus public health of the K through 12 to get the schools open", he said. Jordan asked the question again.

All three health officials testified in the Senate a month ago, during which Fauci told lawmakers that the federal government is "not in total control" of the outbreak and warned USA cases could ultimately reach 100,000 per day.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warned the governors of four US states that they need to get new infections under control.

After Donald Trump called reports of bounties on USA troops a "Russia hoax", Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tells Lawrence O'Donnell intelligence "doesn't end up in the presidential daily brief if it's a hoax".

On coronavirus testing, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins said, "Trump criticized congressman Jim Clyburn after he showed a graph during today's hearing and asked top experts to explain why the US has not been able to get a grip on the virus in the way that Europe has".

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